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Draw Play 2 Puzzles
Guide the little man through all the dangers to the check box. In this game you just need to paint and to flee the man painted on the road, but the challenging levels line length is limited so to reach the box is not so simple.
Date added: 13.12.2017
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Papa's Donuteria Other
Papa Louie opened his restaurant in the park attractions. This time he decided to delight park visitors delicious donuts. Take orders from customers first and try to correctly perform donuts recipe.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Polar Jump Arcade
Jumping on the Arctic pole it is very difficult. Slightly promahnёshsya and find yourself headlong into the icy water. We need to help the character to reach their goals carefully leaping from one ice floe to another.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Escape the Bathroom Quests
Trapped in the bathroom the main character of the game you need to get out of there. You have to help the poor thing, and tell how to get out of this room. The front door is blocked deadly red beams.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Good Daddy Puzzles
Dad and son faced difficulties as they walked to school together. The fact that someone has scattered iron nails on the way to school. Dad can not let my son stepped on them. So he clears the way for his son.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Bubble Sky Puzzles
Puzzle where you need to collect bubbles of the same color in a small group. Once you do that, it will disappear. The essence of the game boils down to, to release the entire field of multi-colored puzyrikov. The game is not on time.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 966
Feed Us: Pirates Action
The Pirates began the seizure of banks. We have to show them who's really the boss! By controlling the bloodthirsty fish should be torn brazen pirates sailed to the shore. It is better to overturn the boat and compete with people in the water.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Grid Puzzles
Puzzle game in which you need to find a link between multiple lines. Your task is to ensure to combine them into a single closed system. If the lines diverge - connect them will be impossible.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Abduction! Arcade
In this game you will abduct humans and animals with the help of a flying saucer. Taking earthling through the laser beam into the body of a flying saucer you will destroy people. Do not think that they will just obey.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 871
The Deepest Sleep Quests
Waking up at night from the wild cold main character of the game found that the bedroom window wide open. Strange night he just shut it? What kind of noises in the far corner of the room? It seems there's someone there!
Date added: 24.11.2016
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Canoniac Launcher 2 Action
How to move in space robots? This one, for example, using a special alien gun. We must help the robot to fly as far as possible and find as many bonuses and jewelry. Good luck!
Date added: 24.11.2016
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Wreck Road Race
Departing from the chase orange machine can make several raids on the other road. Your task is to try to make the hurt as small machines can be. Still, they are not to blame.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 573
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NY Rex Arcade
Dinosaur named Rex was in New York. He did not like the fact that his shackled with iron chains, and they decided to take on the experiments. He broke away and began to run around the city passing devouring people. Rex needed to find shelter.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 596
Stick War 2 Action
The military action is not only important strategy of the general staff, but also training and readiness of soldiers for military action. It is this and you will train their soldiers. The game features three difficulty levels.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 552
Factory Balls Puzzles
You have to work again on the balls of the factory. Due to the lack of manpower to paint balls entrusted to you. It is necessary to make the ball along the lines drawn on the label of the carton in which the ball is placed.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 473
King's Guard Other
Royal Guard waits for orders. Any words of the king and it is immediately ready to execute his orders. Of course, for the royal guards have to monitor and prevent the failure of the defensive redoubts.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 484
Armor Trigger Other
In this game you have to choose the job. It's like a lottery: just click at random and get any job. This may be a puzzle, or chase by car with flashing lights, or a card game.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 420
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Raven Crime Quests
Arriving at the scene protagonist of the game is trying to enter the room. Police guarding the crime scene and ask him the documents identity. We'll have to show your passport.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 639
Forbidden Arms Action
Samurai fearless and dangerous in his treachery. On you will attack the warriors in black dress from all sides. We must manage to destroy all of them with the sword. Before the game walk through a little training.
Date added: 24.11.2016
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Pumpkin Remover 3 Puzzles
You need to destroy the pumpkin. At each new level will be a certain task. It is important to carefully read the job and not to be mistaken in choosing a pumpkin. The game is not on time, so it is possible how to think.
Date added: 24.11.2016
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Draka Puzzles
Spider Dracula came out at night to engage in hooliganism. His most favorite pastime - it is to scare people and bite them. Once bitten people turn into spiders vampires. The more bites - the more fellow Dracula.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 580
Thing Thing Arena Classic Action
On the special stage, is more like a labyrinth, there is a new battle between the protagonist and his enemies. Of course, the character is armed and can repel any enemy. But only with your help.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 455
Cyclo Maniacs Sport
In this game you will be able to ride a bike on the highway dangerous. You will have several opponents with whom you will start at the same time. In order not to waste time always PUSH speed.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 449
Kit and the Octopod Arcade
A boy named Keith loves his friend the octopus and always takes him for a walk. So this time they went for a walk together. Who knew that the streets will not be safe so. It is necessary to help friends get to the goal.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 472
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