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3.00 votes: 2
Ectology Other
This is a game about Ghost hunter, you have to find and catch them. You need to clear the city and even the space station from ghosts. In the game you can improve your equipment.
Date added: 14.03.2018
Views: 4542
Give Up Arcade
Complete all the incredibly difficult levels, and try not to give up. With each level of the game at times more complicated and to pass the next have to try many times. This game is a great killer of your time
Date added: 01.03.2018
Views: 4241
3.91 votes: 53
Virus Wars: Beginning Simulation
This game is a kind of virus simulator, you need to capture cells and not give other virus a chance to gain advantage. You can also improve your virus increasing its strength, protection and other parameters
Date added: 01.03.2018
Views: 4192
3.00 votes: 1
A Blob's Tale Arcade
Interesting arcade game in which you control an unusual round character. Only you are able to find the fallen star, so you are the last hope of a fairy-tale country. Graphically, the game looks pretty cute.
Date added: 24.02.2018
Views: 3923
3.98 votes: 54
Steam King Action
Your knights have been defeated and your throne and Queen have been invaded. Help the king to regain his Kingdom and his beloved wife. Suck your character, buying upgrades for weapons and armor.
Date added: 22.02.2018
Views: 4708
5.00 votes: 1
Zombie Defense Action
You play as a brutal Viking, you have to defend your fortress from hordes of advancing zombies. At your disposal there are different abilities and ways to destroy the walking dead.
Date added: 22.02.2018
Views: 4300
3.50 votes: 4
Berzerk Ball Arcade
The game is very similar to the Yeti sport, but unlike it you throw not penguins and fat dude. There is also a flow and a store where you can buy items which will hit the fat man.
Date added: 20.02.2018
Views: 4473
Decision Action
Another shooter with a view from the top, destroy the zombies level up your character. After the mission, you can buy new weapons. The game has an online mode, to access it you need to register.
Date added: 20.02.2018
Views: 4675
5.00 votes: 1
Alien Slayer 3D Action
Destroy a bunch of aliens, upgrade your character. In the first mission you need to find the alien eggs and destroy them. The game is very similar to the first doom, the same corridor shooter.
Date added: 19.02.2018
Views: 4548
4.00 votes: 52
Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack Action
You play as an assassin, passing levels you have to eliminate a bunch of goals. The first levels eliminate the target is quite simple, but the farther the more difficult it is to do. There are more guards with guns that have to be avoided.
Date added: 19.02.2018
Views: 4926
Best Friends Forever 2 Puzzles
Best Friends Forever 2 is a puzzle game where you need to pass the levels using several characters at once. The goal of the game to hold all the men to the exit. But this will not be easy, with each level the game becomes more difficult.
Date added: 17.02.2018
Views: 2001
They took our Candy Arcade
The aliens took our candy, don't let the aliens steal our candy. Assemble a team hero and destroy waves of an alien collect candy and level up your characters.
Date added: 17.02.2018
Views: 1714
Droid Assault Action
Destroy hordes of all kinds of robot models, collect resources and pump your droid. The game has a lot of improvements as well as models of robots that you can buy.
Date added: 15.02.2018
Views: 1768
Run Ronaldo Run Arcade
Help Ronaldo to win a gold boot, you just need to press to jump or bend down. Smsl game that would Ronaldo beat the ball and the rest of the obstacles should be avoided.
Date added: 15.02.2018
Views: 1641
Escape from 26 Puzzles
Excellent atmospheric game, graphically made very high quality. You control a little girl, she was in an unknown place and you have to help her. You will need to collect items and solve puzzles.
Date added: 11.02.2018
Views: 1945
5.00 votes: 1
The Great Kitchen Escape Puzzles
You are locked in the kitchen, looking for items combine them together and try to solve the puzzles. The kitchen has a lot of things to interact with. There is even a few Pets which also need to find a way.
Date added: 11.02.2018
Views: 1741
Dino Shift 2 Puzzles
You control a dinosaur you need to get to the teleport which is located on the opposite side of the screen. Along the way, you need to collect the squares,you need to change the color of the dinosaur cubes under the color by clicking on the z,x, c.
Date added: 09.02.2018
Views: 1688
Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance Action
In this game you need to destroy all the Vikings. For this, it is necessary to destroy the structures in which they are located. The meaning of the game is simple, throw stones to destroy buildings. The number of stones is limited.
Date added: 08.02.2018
Views: 1709
Being One: Episode 3 Logic
If you like games where you need to find items and then try to use them to solve puzzles, then this game is sure to please you. Outwardly the game looks pretty good.
Date added: 08.02.2018
Views: 1914
Balloon in a Wasteland Action
Your balloon fell in the wasteland and need to fix it. But you prevent it is to make enemies that attack in waves. Between waves of enemies you need to buy weapons to destroy them and of course to fix the world.
Date added: 02.02.2018
Views: 1752
Give up Robot 2 Action
You control a small robot that is able to walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Using these skills and sleight of hand. With each new level of the game new elements are added.
Date added: 02.02.2018
Views: 1784
Demon Destroyer 2 Arcade
Destroy demons with tadpole, it is very simple. So you need to get a tadpole on the demon to throw them down. In between you can collect the skull which open up bonus levels.The gameplay is very similar to Angry Birds.
Date added: 31.01.2018
Views: 1808
Rescue on Cocoa Farm Action
In the game Rescue on Cocoa Farm you need to save the chocolate animals. This would be not so easy to solve the puzzle, with each level becoming more complex.
Date added: 31.01.2018
Views: 1697
Daytraders of the Dead Action
Destroy hordes of zombies in this game you have to shoot waves of zombies. With each level they are becoming more and to go further you need to pick up all sorts of improvements and new weapons.
Date added: 30.01.2018
Views: 1729
Orbit Breaker Puzzles
Destroy the planet, but it must be done in one leap. Using gravity of planets you need to pave the way from one to the other. After each level new elements are added, complicating the destruction of planets.
Date added: 30.01.2018
Views: 1635
4.00 votes: 1
Cover Orange: Players Pack 2 Puzzles
Save the fruit from the clouds with hail, you will need to build a shelter or with the help of improvised means to roll an orange or an Apple in a safe place.
Date added: 29.01.2018
Views: 1990
The Paint Gunner Action
You control a little man shooting paint, but this is no ordinary paint. Each color has its own properties, for example, if you paint the floor or walls green you will be able to jump back from them. With orange, you can significantly increase the speed of movement. Using all these features of different colors need to pass all levels of the game.
Date added: 29.01.2018
Views: 2070
Sniper: Year One Action
You are a sniper and you need to eliminate the target, but you don't know what she looks like. On each assignment you will need to define the purpose of the description and then shoot.
Date added: 27.01.2018
Views: 1649
Robotic Emergence Strategy
Robotic Emergence is a strategy in which you need to build buildings to produce soldiers. Control units do not need to, they attack enemies. As with any strategy main task is to destroy the enemy.
Date added: 27.01.2018
Views: 1874
Truck Mania 2 Other
In this game you have to manage trucks carrying various goods. The main objective of the game is to overcome all the greetings without losing your cargo along the way to the finish line.
Date added: 26.01.2018
Views: 1855
The Scale of the Universe 2 Other
The scale of the Universe 2 this is a mini ENCYCLOPAEDIA, starting with the person you will be able to see many objects in our universe. For example, you can go down to the atoms, or rather to climb up to see the galaxy.
Date added: 25.01.2018
Views: 1776
Skate Mania Sport
Skateboarding, do cool stunts and smash everything to earn as many points as possible. Complete the levels and unlock skate with the best characteristics.
Date added: 25.01.2018
Views: 1742
5.00 votes: 1
Totems Awakening 2 Puzzles
In the game Totems Awakening 2 need to Wake the totem, with each of the levels will make it increasingly difficult. You will need to throw the coconut from one person to another and along the way solve puzzles, and ultimately need to get the totem.
Date added: 25.01.2018
Views: 1649
Tequila Zombies 2 Action
Destroy waves of zombies, kick of the weapons, first aid kits and most importantly tequila. Collect enough tequila and I'll be able to burn a bunch of the walking dead at a time.
Date added: 24.01.2018
Views: 3790
Pizza Point Other
Like games in which you need to cook, then this game you enjoy. It you are the owner of a pizza parlor, you need to take orders from visitors and to cook pizza.
Date added: 24.01.2018
Views: 1780
Rupert's Zombie Diary Arcade
Clear London of the zombies who have captivated it and save the family. You need to exterminate all zombies shooting them from various weapon. In a game there is a pumping of the character.
Date added: 23.01.2018
Views: 1679
TNT Zombies Puzzles
In this game it is necessary to kill the zombie, but to make it it is necessary not in the direct way and putting explosive in blocks, boxes and other things so that has rejected the zombie on stakes or has crushed them barrels.
Date added: 23.01.2018
Views: 1648
Jim Loves Mary Puzzles
In this game you need to do so that Jim and Mary met. You have to play both characters so in this game you can play together. Each of the characters their skills, they need to use for solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.
Date added: 22.01.2018
Views: 3769
Gun Mayhem Action
Gun Mayhem is an arcade in which you should battle on the arena about use of various weapon, the purpose of a game to dump the opponent down. In the mode of the company it can be done together with the friend in cooperative, well or to arrange the meat grinder four together against each other.
Date added: 22.01.2018
Views: 2049
Thirty Arcade
Logical arcade with overcoming all kinds of greetings, complete all levels and save the world, but you need the time to do it in 30 minutes of playing time.
Date added: 17.01.2018
Views: 1688
Flooded Village: Xmas Eve Puzzles
In this game you just need to remove the squares of snow flowing water to the trees and the boats of the pirates. With every new level adds new elements that complicate your seemed to be a simple task.
Date added: 17.01.2018
Views: 1608
Must Escape the Sewer Puzzles
As is clear from the name of the game when you need to escape from the sewer. In order to do this you will need to think logically and to notice the details of the situation which can be useful in solving mysteries.
Date added: 17.01.2018
Views: 1658
The Lance Sport
The Lance (Spear) is a game about medieval jousting tournament where you have to fight with other knights. As the game progresses by purchasing improvements in the form of helmets, armor, shields, horses and of course copies of themselves.
Date added: 05.01.2018
Views: 1902
5.00 votes: 1
Draw Play 2 Puzzles
Guide the little man through all the dangers to the check box. In this game you just need to paint and to flee the man painted on the road, but the challenging levels line length is limited so to reach the box is not so simple.
Date added: 13.12.2017
Views: 1830
2.33 votes: 3
Papa's Donuteria Other
Papa Louie opened his restaurant in the park attractions. This time he decided to delight park visitors delicious donuts. Take orders from customers first and try to correctly perform donuts recipe.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 8911
Polar Jump Arcade
Jumping on the Arctic pole it is very difficult. Slightly promahnёshsya and find yourself headlong into the icy water. We need to help the character to reach their goals carefully leaping from one ice floe to another.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 2408
2.33 votes: 3
Escape the Bathroom Quests
Trapped in the bathroom the main character of the game you need to get out of there. You have to help the poor thing, and tell how to get out of this room. The front door is blocked deadly red beams.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 3517
2.00 votes: 1
Good Daddy Puzzles
Dad and son faced difficulties as they walked to school together. The fact that someone has scattered iron nails on the way to school. Dad can not let my son stepped on them. So he clears the way for his son.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 3200
3.00 votes: 4
Bubble Sky Puzzles
Puzzle where you need to collect bubbles of the same color in a small group. Once you do that, it will disappear. The essence of the game boils down to, to release the entire field of multi-colored puzyrikov. The game is not on time.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 2773
Feed Us: Pirates Action
The Pirates began the seizure of banks. We have to show them who's really the boss! By controlling the bloodthirsty fish should be torn brazen pirates sailed to the shore. It is better to overturn the boat and compete with people in the water.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 3038
5.00 votes: 1
Grid Puzzles
Puzzle game in which you need to find a link between multiple lines. Your task is to ensure to combine them into a single closed system. If the lines diverge - connect them will be impossible.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 10780