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Story puzzles, as a genre of computer games, starts with a simple crossword puzzles and virtual version of Rubik's Cube. The first puzzles require the player knowledge, logic and dexterity. But this is a standard Tetris puzzles that appeared in 1985 and immediately won enormous popularity.
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Draw Play 2 Puzzles
Guide the little man through all the dangers to the check box. In this game you just need to paint and to flee the man painted on the road, but the challenging levels line length is limited so to reach the box is not so simple.
Date added: 13.12.2017
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Good Daddy Puzzles
Dad and son faced difficulties as they walked to school together. The fact that someone has scattered iron nails on the way to school. Dad can not let my son stepped on them. So he clears the way for his son.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 1071
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Bubble Sky Puzzles
Puzzle where you need to collect bubbles of the same color in a small group. Once you do that, it will disappear. The essence of the game boils down to, to release the entire field of multi-colored puzyrikov. The game is not on time.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 966
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Grid Puzzles
Puzzle game in which you need to find a link between multiple lines. Your task is to ensure to combine them into a single closed system. If the lines diverge - connect them will be impossible.
Date added: 25.11.2016
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Factory Balls Puzzles
You have to work again on the balls of the factory. Due to the lack of manpower to paint balls entrusted to you. It is necessary to make the ball along the lines drawn on the label of the carton in which the ball is placed.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 473
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Pumpkin Remover 3 Puzzles
You need to destroy the pumpkin. At each new level will be a certain task. It is important to carefully read the job and not to be mistaken in choosing a pumpkin. The game is not on time, so it is possible how to think.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 473
Draka Puzzles
Spider Dracula came out at night to engage in hooliganism. His most favorite pastime - it is to scare people and bite them. Once bitten people turn into spiders vampires. The more bites - the more fellow Dracula.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 580
Cubium Puzzles
A puzzle game in which you need to destroy the locks, consisting of cubes. To do this, shoot from the special range. Your task is to destroy the castle completely and ensure that not a single cube.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 531
Ball Brothers Puzzles
One of the balls hit in a metal cage. Brother decided to rescue him from captivity. But his brother-ball needs your help, he can not help a relative. Think about how you can help the brothers balls.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 467
Demon Destroyer Puzzles
Destroyer of demons - that's who you'll be playing in this puzzle game. The game is translated into Russian, so the problems with the process and the rules of the game should not have. Destroy all demons as soon as possible.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 409
Hotspot Puzzles
A game for those who like to spend time solving puzzles. To understand what was happening only need to pass the first level. If you have questions on the rules of the game - read the instructions.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 405
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Click Drag Type 3 Puzzles
In this game, you will have to solve a series of puzzles. For example, open the door with a key, which does not fit the lock. Or deal with the magnetic field, which prevents break into the safe deposit vault.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 368
ClickPLAY 2 Puzzles
Black and white game in which you need to find the play button. The button can be hidden anywhere. So do not be afraid to click on and everything. In some levels will have to solve a small puzzle to find a key.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 347
Prizma Puzzle 3 Puzzles
New puzzle game with prisms. Your task is to conduct energy from the prism to the finish line. Thus it is necessary to fill the energy as much as possible the cones. Before the game you can read instructions.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 381
Bloons Puzzles
A game in which with the help of a small monkey need to burst the balloons. Colored balls a lot and get into it all at once will not work. It is necessary to properly aim the crossbow to catch as many balls as possible.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 357
Track the Ball Puzzles
In this game you need to generate the trajectory of the black ball so that he found himself in a circular recess. The ball can be moved from wall to wall, from the brick - by brick.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 331
Not to Scale Puzzles
This game reminds tag, and puzzle at the same time. You need to assemble a picture with moving the meta position to its individual parts. The difficulty is that some parts of a scale, i.e. increased or decreased.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 434
Submachine 7 Puzzles
Again, you want to explore the area for the presence of faults in the equipment. At this time, all devices available on the street at night and I must say they are almost not visible. It is necessary to adapt the light bulb.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 381
Blinkz Puzzles
Interesting and colorful puzzle pieces with winking. All you need to do is to deliver top pink cube to the bottom rectangle winks. How to make? Start playing and you will understand everything.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 374
Vehicles 3: Car Toons! Puzzles
In this game you have to control machines belonging Rescue services: fire, ambulance, police, emergency, etc. At each level, you will have a special task for each machine, depending on its purpose.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 372
Liquid Measure 2 Puzzles
From the crane must escape a certain amount of liquid. We need to sort it into any container. Sometimes a single vessel, and sometimes need more than one. Before opening the valve check everything as it should be.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 424
Gang Blast Puzzles
Do you have a gun and a limited amount of ammo. It is necessary to knock down all the cowboys in the level. Ideal would be if you spend it all on one bullet. But if you do not get to taste it one more shot.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 345
Totally Odd Puzzles
In this game, everything is very strange. Well, firstly, the entire game is made from clay like the old Soviet cartoons. Secondly, it is very difficult to understand who is the main character and where he is at all.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 466
Sticky Blobs Puzzles
Small droplets of black color want to reach a ripe and delicious raspberries. But how can they learn to crawl? It will not be necessary. With your help, the droplets can build a bridge and be close to a raspberry.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 427
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