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Jay Walking
Try to translate as many men in a very lively track. You can choose different tactics, how to save more lives - you decide.
Hot Kiss Vanessa
Hot passions boil in this game. Try to seduce the beautiful Vanessa kisses her. We must do it before the end time allotted to the level.
Naughty teacher
Students always prefer pranks studies, especially with such a teacher. Peeping in tips and create different situations in the classroom that will distract from all classes.
Games strip
Game strip. You get into the goal - the girl will remove any article of clothing promazhesh - will dress again. The goal is clear: to undress the girl completely.

Miscellaneous flash games

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This section of flash games collected a variety of flash games for children and adults. What you can find? Games, which for some reason were not included in other sections. For example, themed games for the holidays, the game is fun, gambling, games for girls, etc. There are online games of various genres for every mood. Fans of retro games will be able to play, "Well, wait a minute!" And the machine "one-armed bandit." Children will find tactical games, and the girls will be able to try on outfits on Barbie. Christmas and romantic games, March 8, and Halloween help create a festive mood. In this section you can find and fun flash games that you certainly rassmeshat.
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Ectology Other
This is a game about Ghost hunter, you have to find and catch them. You need to clear the city and even the space station from ghosts. In the game you can improve your equipment.
Date added: 14.03.2018
Views: 4666
Truck Mania 2 Other
In this game you have to manage trucks carrying various goods. The main objective of the game is to overcome all the greetings without losing your cargo along the way to the finish line.
Date added: 26.01.2018
Views: 1904
The Scale of the Universe 2 Other
The scale of the Universe 2 this is a mini ENCYCLOPAEDIA, starting with the person you will be able to see many objects in our universe. For example, you can go down to the atoms, or rather to climb up to see the galaxy.
Date added: 25.01.2018
Views: 1830
Pizza Point Other
Like games in which you need to cook, then this game you enjoy. It you are the owner of a pizza parlor, you need to take orders from visitors and to cook pizza.
Date added: 24.01.2018
Views: 1831
2.33 votes: 3
Papa's Donuteria Other
Papa Louie opened his restaurant in the park attractions. This time he decided to delight park visitors delicious donuts. Take orders from customers first and try to correctly perform donuts recipe.
Date added: 25.11.2016
Views: 9169
King's Guard Other
Royal Guard waits for orders. Any words of the king and it is immediately ready to execute his orders. Of course, for the royal guards have to monitor and prevent the failure of the defensive redoubts.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 1988
Armor Trigger Other
In this game you have to choose the job. It's like a lottery: just click at random and get any job. This may be a puzzle, or chase by car with flashing lights, or a card game.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 1834
Learn to Fly Other
Little pingvinёnok decided to learn to fly. He slides off the ice cliff into the ocean and tried to fly. We need to help young students and try to teach him to fly at least for short distances.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 1807
Town of Fears Other
This small town imposed a wicked curse. The entire city and its people are in fear. Black crows and suspicious people in raincoats walking on the streets. What do with all that local detective?
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 1885
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Hopagon Other
The game of skill and speed of reaction. We need to help the little cube jump over his evil brothers. Sometimes it is very difficult. you need to consider the behavior of the cube and the calculated trajectory.
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 2067
Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Other
New Year's edition of the game of self-taught surgeon. After the New Year corporate one of its members to seek medical help. Well, there is a surgeon by side. But will conduct a complex operation?
Date added: 24.11.2016
Views: 1973
Hanger 2: Endless Levelpack Other
Endless game podveshanym on a string man. The essence of the game is to swing and how to cut the rope. It is necessary that people in colored clothing flew as far as possible from the rocks.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 1604
Hot Dog Bush Other
Once outside the walls of the White House, Bush has decided to open his own business. And I chose a purely American idea - hot dogs on the street. I wonder how many will earn the former president of America on this street business?
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 2097
Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack Other
Collection of all levels of the game, "The destruction of the castle 2". If this game is loved by you, then you are happy you will pass all the levels it again. As always at your disposal medieval wooden weapons.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 2036
Detonate 2 Other
Explosions - that's what you do in this game. Before the beginning of the gameplay you will clearly show what to do with the bombs and how to achieve the maximum explosion. Memorize everything as it should be and start to act!
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 1929
Politricks Other
A fun game, from which it is clear that the American politician, too, love to have fun. For example, US president decided to jump on the skipping rope right in front of the government building. We must help him to amuse people.
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 1795
Doodle God 2 Other
In this game you will be able to invent new items. Initially you will have only four natural elements - water, air, fire and earth. Which of them can be done? Maybe mix the fire and the earth? Try it!
Date added: 23.11.2016
Views: 1688
Painters Guild (Alpha) Other
Not far from the city there is a family of artists. They accept orders for reproductions of paintings and doing portraits of everyone. Sometimes, customers have simply no end. It is necessary to somehow organize the queue.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 1956
2.00 votes: 1
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Other
Between the fantastic characters of one of the village was a struggle. I can even say the battle: the people against the cats. Leaving on a special field, they decided to find out the relationship. You're going to play for the people. Good luck!
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 1829
Epic Coaster Other
Roller coaster - it's pretty scary kind of carousel. Now imagine that the road which should go attraktsionschiki broken. Well, how terrible? We need to help people get to the finish safely.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 1888
1.00 votes: 1
The Painter Other
In this game you need to draw level. Just you take a special gun with yellow paint and start to shoot at everything. yellow image appears on a black screen. It is possible to find a solution to the next level.
Date added: 22.11.2016
Views: 1881
Cosmic Clicks Other
Launch a rocket into space is only half the battle. We must now make so that it reached its destination. To do this, you need to keep track of its performance and if something is not immediately restore them.
Date added: 21.11.2016
Views: 1824
Contentric Other
How many can manage to do in 10 seconds? Well, for example, just one level in this game. For everything you are given only 10 seconds. you have to collect as many lost share during this period.
Date added: 21.11.2016
Views: 1738
GlomboPOP Other
Angry smiley face, like the sun wants to impress his death ray a small red ball. Your goal: to control the ball so as not to fall under the deadly beam and collect bonuses.
Date added: 21.11.2016
Views: 1808
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