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One of the important directions of the puzzles are logical games. Passage of such games is based on the application of logic and reasoning. To properly solve the problem of the logical player must have some knowledge or look for different solutions, until you reach the desired result. Logic flash games usually do not require quick reaction from the player: it is important, not speed, and finding the gentlest way or the only true solution. It is believed that the flash games on the logic contribute to the development of human intelligence and erudition. There are many colorful children's games on the logic that will help your child learn the world and learn to think logically and rationally.
Being One: Episode 3 Logic
If you like games where you need to find items and then try to use them to solve puzzles, then this game is sure to please you. Outwardly the game looks pretty good.
Date added: 08.02.2018
Views: 1910
Nodes Logic
The game at first glance not very complicated. It is necessary to position the red beam so that it overlaps all the blue top. To do this, will have to rearrange and rearrange the red dots.
Date added: 13.10.2016
Views: 2130
1.00 votes: 1
Unfreeze Me Logic
Little chick somehow fell into an ice cube. We must get him out of there. Pouring water cube can achieve the desired and unfreeze chick. On some levels will have to arrange additional equipment.
Date added: 08.10.2016
Views: 2144
Deep and Blue Logic
Most deep-blue fish needs your help. It can not come up to the surface simultaneously and can not go longer as s always something interferes. Release her way.
Date added: 08.10.2016
Views: 2515
5.00 votes: 1
StarShine Logic
All you need to do - is to light the stars in the sky. However, you have only one attempt, and the stars are much more than one. You need to think like one shot light all the stars at once.
Date added: 07.10.2016
Views: 2276
3 Slices 2 Logic
In this game, you can only make three cuts. You should this be enough to separate the red figure on as many parts as possible. If you can handle the task pereydёsh to the next level.
Date added: 07.10.2016
Views: 2226
Red Remover Player Pack Logic
In this game you need to carefully read the clues and the case exactly as they said. If you click on the red figures - so be it. Figures of different color should be left alone.
Date added: 07.10.2016
Views: 1945
2.71 votes: 7
Viggo plays volleyball Logic
Viggo dreams of becoming a super hero, but To do this, a lot to learn. Here he goes on a volleyball court. During the game, try not to drop the ball on the ground on your half of the pitch. Play arrow.
Date added: 06.04.2015
Views: 5155
1.71 votes: 7
Gather pipe Logic
Gather the pipes so adroitly that they fit together and not be interrupted! Things to do it quickly, that would meet the specified time! Steer with the mouse.
Date added: 04.04.2015
Views: 4713
5.00 votes: 1
bears Bathing Logic
What would bathe the cubs, it is necessary to send them to the trough. It will have to clean them out of different supports. From level to level the task will be complicated. Work should be a mouse.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3296
5.00 votes: 1
retro car parking Logic
required to drive an old car to the parking lot. Parking offer different layouts and complexity. A special feature is a very short time allowed for the operation. Office of the arrows.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 2912
1.00 votes: 1
Destruction Logic
Gamble morally. Requires blow up the building structure with people, so that would have the least means to achieve the greatest effect. Work on mining and definition points bombardment produced a mouse.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3159
Embryo Rescue Logic
Your task is to save all the embryos, which are very important for science. And we need to think through their movement accurately to the target, not the abyss. Carefully help these embryos, making way.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 2972
dinner cannibals Logic
Cannibals caught for dinner a few people, and now they just have to prepare properly. You have to throw people into the boiling water, choosing speed and direction.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3032
pierced 2 Logic
You have to throw a gun zombies and they pierce all the places where there are red point. And once you get into the point, it will turn a bright color, and so on each point.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3001
Bubbles frog Logic
Frogs start the bubbles of the same colored bubbles. But then you need to act right, the same color bubbles to match and then disappeared completely.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3038
1.00 votes: 1
Shooting Christmas balls Logic
from the bottom of the screen gradually put forward rows of multi-colored Christmas balls, and you need to send them to meet their balls - shells, trying to add them to the balls of the same color as yours. If you are going for more than three balls of the same color - they will disappear. Try to remove them all. Play with the mouse.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3022
Masha and monsters Mindy Logic
funny and good game about friendship girl and cute monsters that will appeal to your children. Simple and convenient explanations are given on the course of action. Easy control with the mouse.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2640
Underground fees Logic
Mr. Mole collect precious underground. But they need to collect the right - by color. First, one color, then another, and at the same time try not to get confused.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2865
Mini-Monsters Logic
Before you is a lot of mini-monsters that look at you and waiting for you to release them. It is necessary to move the monsters by color, and then they will be free.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3058
Before colonization Logic
Long ago, before the advent of colonization, life was dangerous and had to constantly survive . You need to help one person to survive in the conditions presented.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2983
Diving in the deep sea Logic
Deep under water inhabited by a large number of different inhabitants. You need to move the marine life and be of the same series of at least three.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2814
Frozen imps Logic
You need to defrost frozen balls of demons. And to do this you have to think about all the moves and accurately shoot at the colored panels around.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3061
chain doctor Logic
This chain of pills rushes in the first aid kit, but the doctor these pills do not need . Therefore it is necessary to break this chain, shooting at her pills depending on the color.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2908
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