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Intelligent flash games are very popular among the players of different ages. Erudition, intelligence, logical thinking - that's what you need the player to deal with the intellectual game.
Semantic Wars Intelligent
An unusual game, where the weapons you will offer to use your own brain. Correctly guessing the words of the questions at the bottom of the screen, you increase your chance of winning. The main thing to do it quickly, and that the lock can not resist the onslaught of enemies.
Date added: 25.10.2016
Views: 1986
4.00 votes: 4
United colors Intelligent
At your disposal ink droplets of different colors. Clicking on turn two droplets of the same color, you make them disappear. Requires completely free screen, combining different colors to get the desired color scheme. Work with the mouse. Time is limited.
Date added: 05.04.2015
Views: 4276
2.00 votes: 2
Doubles Intelligent
Seek out all the pairs of cards with the image of the great men. Start flip one card and try to guess where the second is the same card.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3058
2.00 votes: 1
Astroboy Intelligent
Two pictures with Astroboya have several identical objects, which are located in the same places. Look at the two pictures and look for matching.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3640
Do you know the cartoon Despicable Me? Intelligent
Try to answer all the questions, though in English, about the cartoon about Ugly Ya read the questions and click on one of the three options in the end you'll know how many are well versed in this cartoon.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3006
5.00 votes: 2
looking for items Panda Intelligent
begins to search objects from the frame of the cartoon about Kung- Fu Panda. Carefully inspect every corner of the picture and quickly clicks on search objects.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 2729
1.00 votes: 1
Easter fun and letters Intelligent
You have to find all the letters disappeared among the people playing on the day of Easter in different interesting games. Carefully inspect and embarking look.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 2788
2.00 votes: 2
Hercules looking objects Intelligent
Help Hercules to find all the subjects and objects as described in the list. Carefully inspect every corner of the picture and try to find everything you need.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 3477
stamp collection Toto Intelligent
Do Toto has a small collection of brands and each brand has the second is the same. Play with Toto in turning and finding the corresponding grades of the proposals.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 2630
1.00 votes: 1
Barbie and her friends are looking letters Intelligent
Help Barbie to find all the letters. But it can be done only through a magic magnifying glass that shows where each letter is really hidden in this room.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 2840
5.00 votes: 2
Aladdin Intelligent
the picture with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine hidden lights that you have to look with a magnifying glass. Look around the picture and get to the fascinating search.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 3978
Value Car Intelligent
Before you upturned cards with different cars. Start flip cards and find matching cars. It is necessary to open all the cards.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 2881
Knights and number Intelligent
On the bright fragments of the life of the ancient knights you will find the numbers who hid among the people and objects. Carefully look around and begin to look for.
Date added: 31.03.2015
Views: 2044
5.00 votes: 1
Destination search Intelligent
starts looking for the target or targets for archery. Look around the picture and notice the target once - immediately brings to her bow and shoot more.
Date added: 31.03.2015
Views: 3084
Fathers Secret Intelligent
Try to solve the one secret that no one has yet figured out the. Look in the rooms is very necessary and important items that will help you in discovering the secrets.
Date added: 31.03.2015
Views: 4071
1.00 votes: 1
My room Intelligent
You have to find all the objects that are hidden in your same room. Look at the list and begin to consider carefully the room with lots of items.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 3386
1.00 votes: 2
Search words with monkey Intelligent
Monkey offers you a search word list that is sideways. You inspect the playing field and try to find all the right words from the list.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2637
4.44 votes: 18
Differences Star rain Intelligent
Start scrutinize the pictures and try to quickly find all what images are different from each other. But you have help - a clue, they will show you where the hidden difference.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 5949
The difference is, Intelligent
Two pictures that something is wrong, there is a detail that is not identical. That's something you and they need to find. Look at the two pictures and look at them all the inconsistencies.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 3314
Kitty and letters Intelligent
Getting together with a cat Kitty look for all the letters, which are well hidden in the image. Take a magnifying glass and a huge lead exciting quest of each letter.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2614
Monsters and excerpts Intelligent
You have to find all the pieces of the picture. Just look closely at each piece and try to find exactly the same in the image of a cartoon Monsters University.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2544
2.33 votes: 3
Back home Intelligent
Before you go home, you need to solve a few math problems in school. Push on the board and will now begin to search for the right decision and go home.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2903
Proofing Intelligent
before you see the word, and then fly balloons on which you need to find the same word . But we have to act quickly before the balls did not fly away.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2839
2.67 votes: 3
Differences with the wise dragon Intelligent
Wise Dragon offers to help him in the search differences. It is necessary to carefully consider the two pictures and try to find everything they may differ from each other.
Date added: 29.03.2015
Views: 3203
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