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Flash games Fight divided into two genres. This "Fighting" and "izbey them all." The game simulates the real fighting hand to hand combat. As a rule, the game takes place in the arena, or some other confined space. The player does not have to move a lot, mainly needed to strike and defend against enemies. More often than not, the screen displays two scales, showing the vitality of the fighters fight.
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Siegius Arena Fighting
You are waiting for fights at this stage itself. Before the game can be trained and to master the technique of fighting. To save energy and health training, Go. Then even the most dangerous opponent in the arena will seem weak.
Date added: 15.11.2016
Views: 3080
Nuclear Justice 2084 Fighting
The 2084 will look at the disassembly area quite differently. Log will not only fists and nuclear substances. Blow up the enemy will be easier than ever. In this game can be seen in the development of street fights.
Date added: 09.11.2016
Views: 1902
Egg Knight Fighting
In this fabulous country is not very usual knights. As a sign of his prowess they wear on their heads eggs. It is necessary to break the egg and there is more glory knight. In the fight against monsters insatiable need to win.
Date added: 07.11.2016
Views: 1798
Brawl Royale Fighting
In this game you can play together. This is not surprising, because here you will fight with your opponent in the ring. Before the start of the fight suggested acquainted with the character of the control buttons. This will facilitate the battle.
Date added: 27.10.2016
Views: 1857
1.00 votes: 1
Skirmish Fighting
Between the main character and two other armed men clashed. You have to defeat opponents with a sword and amazing knowledge of fighting techniques. Importantly do not forget to follow the standard of living in the top of the screen.
Date added: 26.10.2016
Views: 2125
5.00 votes: 1
Achilles 2 Fighting
You'll find medieval battle on a special stage at the river. Do your knight has protective armor, a shield and a sword. Before the game, learn to use a sword and a shield to hide behind. Rivals in the arena will be a lot.
Date added: 24.10.2016
Views: 2597
Monster Saga Fighting
You are waiting for an exciting battle between the furry monsters. get ready for the battle and choose the weapons. For example, monkeys, monsters will come down quite a normal banana. Before the battle, read the instructions and remember controls.
Date added: 20.10.2016
Views: 2364
Monster Arena Fighting
You are waiting for fights monsters in a special arena. Of course, before the start of the battle you will be prompted to choose a monster and create his appearance and character. In addition you will be able to choose his fighting qualities.
Date added: 18.10.2016
Views: 2075
4.75 votes: 16
Sands of the Coliseum Fighting
You are waiting for battle in the Coliseum. Before the game you have to choose a character. As a warrior, you can select how a man and a woman. Having made all the settings begin their first battle.
Date added: 11.10.2016
Views: 5318
5.00 votes: 3
Spartacus: First Blood Fighting
You are waiting for an unequal battle for life and death. Before the game very carefully examine the character buttons. It depends on his life and success of the fight with a knight in armor.
Date added: 07.10.2016
Views: 3868
Grotembit Fighting
You are waiting for the duel on the roof of a building. metal roof and it ogorozhdena wires. Before you touch the wire and got hit with electricity. On the roof there are also two of your opponent.
Date added: 06.10.2016
Views: 2070
RAWR Fighting
You will act as a vile monster that will fight with no less terrifying creatures. You're just a few sites available for battle. Start with the simplest and move with the complexity of the problem.
Date added: 26.09.2016
Views: 3821
Celebrity smackdown Fighting
A game for those who want to let off steam a little and fight with a celebrity. As a "pear whipping", you can select several American TV stars and politicians. Needless to say that the chance to save face in the American stars not.
Date added: 22.09.2016
Views: 2028
Onslaught Barbarian Fighting
This is a fight the barbarians and the one who wins will be the sole owner of these lands. Operates one of the soldiers, barbarians and go on a dangerous battle for life and death.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3058
Ranger Knight Fighting
Rangers fall to a dangerous tournament where you have to ride the strange creatures and fight with the enemy as the ancient knights. Operates one of the Rangers and overcome.
Date added: 02.04.2015
Views: 3037
The city of ghosts Fighting
Your hero bravely fighting the merciless ghosts, but they are too much, so help him. Movement and jump with the arrow keys, attack - a space. Be sure to collect bonuses - a guarantee of survival.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 2642
Brawlers in the ring Fighting
On this ring there are amazing fighters, and even military items which is the place to dump. Before you begin, select a character. Moving around the ring using strelok.Pryzhki udary- and keys ASD.
Date added: 31.03.2015
Views: 2946
Eggs-ediobortsy Fighting
Here is a tournament of martial arts, as well as fighters eggs - dolls. Jumping, blocks udary- full set. You can operate as a single or with two players. Use the arrow keys and ASDW.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2663
Ben 10: Fight Fighting
Ben sometimes likes to fight and try to force . Start guide and help Benu win this fight. Be faster and more agile opponent, do not let him beat you.
Date added: 30.03.2015
Views: 2972
3.00 votes: 2
SpongeBob - karate Fighting
SpongeBob and Sandy meet, karate, but they themselves so good at it. You can help somebody one or both at once, by clicking the mouse cursor to the place where you want to spend hitting an opponent.
Date added: 29.03.2015
Views: 3348
Turtles Ninja: Battle Fighting
Choose any of the turtles you play and go to the fight, which is not an equal fight and a lot of hitters. But the bug knows a lot of tricks and simply must win.
Date added: 27.03.2015
Views: 2942
Street battles Fighting
Funny London bobbies, shield and baton fights kakimi- something suspicious punks, extremist, anti-globalists and other fighters for human rights and freedoms. But he is one, and oh, how many fighters. We must hurry to jump to that level. Use arrow keys. Nogoy- baton and keys A and S.
Date added: 26.03.2015
Views: 2824
Yard Boxing Fighting
It is a common yard box and then fight not professionals and amateurs. Manage one of them and make it a winner backyard boxing match.
Date added: 24.03.2015
Views: 3200
Stick Master Fighting
Another adventure of man-stick, which at this time was martial arts master. Help him to defeat all enemies and become an even greater master.
Date added: 23.03.2015
Views: 3114
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