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Card games have always been popular. Free online flash card games are no exception. There is no need to look for a deck of cards and a long play patience. Just go to the site FXGames.Org and choose your favorite game. Flash Cards solitaire online will make you reflect on the right moves, and gambling will help to spend the evening in the comfort of home. Gambling card online flash games allow you to not to risk real money, play for points or virtual currency.
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Governor of Poker Card
A game for those who love poker. In the Wild West, too, there are fans of this card game. Probably it would be fun to spend a few hours with him at the same table. By the way, the entrance to the local casino paid.
Date added: 01.11.2016
Views: 2752
2.50 votes: 6
Baba Yaga Card
Everyone has long known that Baba Yaga had nothing just does not. To get from it something to have something to sdelat.Nu, for example, to win her party cards. This is what you have to do as soon as you find yourself in her hut.
Date added: 30.09.2016
Views: 3437
3.29 votes: 7
Solitaire Gold Card
You will need the capacity for foresight and logic. Select a card from the bottom row. On the map it is placed above or below the dignity of one rank. If no suitable under - taking from the top row. This opens up new maps, if they are released from the pressing of their cards. If successful scenario - a prize of gold from the reserve for the best player.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 5781
3.18 votes: 11
Dracula Solitaire Card
Game - Solitaire. On the up card is placed at the bottom of the card on top of the pyramid, the dignity of one rank above or below this lower. If the top is not a suitable card, then go to the next from the deck at the bottom left and prodalzhay patience towards her. Work with the mouse.
Date added: 01.04.2015
Views: 5561
2.28 votes: 18
Pyramid Solitaire Card
This pyramid from the expansion card should be folded into one deck. Getting selected cards by suit, so that there was not a single card on the table.
Date added: 29.03.2015
Views: 6600
2.33 votes: 3
Tapeworm with the Dragon Card
Getting unfolding of solitaire where the card with the image of the heroes Dragon. It is necessary to lay down all the cards by suit, starting with the smallest and ending with the highest card.
Date added: 24.03.2015
Views: 3702
4.00 votes: 15
Tower and Solitaire Card
Near the tower very often play solitaire, and that's you had the chance. Getting to the game and stack the cards in a deck, examining map of decomposition.
Date added: 24.03.2015
Views: 4653
4.67 votes: 6
Solitaire Royal Wedding Card
Gather all patience. In the proposed map, you can put the next or previous largest card of any suit. If the possibility of open cards are exhausted, you can remove the next card from the deck.
Date added: 17.03.2015
Views: 4024
2.00 votes: 2
Solitaire Golf Card
collect this solitaire game is very difficult to do and have a good try. You need to add up all the cards in a deck, removing one card.
Date added: 07.03.2015
Views: 4671
3.00 votes: 6
Quick fire poker Card
You need to assemble a winning hand in a poker game, moving card in the desired direction. Thoughtful your moves and get to gamble and interesting card game.
Date added: 03.03.2015
Views: 3357
3.71 votes: 14
Open Europe Card
Traveling through the cities of Europe, you have to first lay down their patience, finding two identical cards and then - to find differences in the pictures of this city.
Date added: 28.02.2015
Views: 5775
3.93 votes: 56
Ladies Solitaire Card
A very interesting multi-level game of solitaire. It is necessary to move all the cards from the field to the bottom pile, but you can add them to order only. At the opening of the card from the bottom of the stack can be put just coming to her seniority (in volts - ten or queen on ace - king or deuce, etc.). Maps in the stack can be reversed one by one, in case the field is nothing more to shi...
Date added: 22.02.2015
Views: 4330
2.00 votes: 2
Playing with the Vampire Card
Vampire offered you play cards with him and get 21 points for a win. Try as little as possible to play a vampire, otherwise the consequences will be severe loss.
Date added: 17.02.2015
Views: 3487
5.00 votes: 5
Solitaire Blue Card
Quite an unusual version of the popular card game Solitaire. Here you are invited to put cards by suit, strictly by priority, not only in decks that are in the center of the table, but also on the cards in the playing field - in a circle.
Date added: 14.02.2015
Views: 5191
3.40 votes: 5
Settings Card
It's a fascinating game in which you need to remove all cards from the board. You have a map and it is necessary to add the card to the field, but they must be at least one value or more.
Date added: 09.02.2015
Views: 4524
3.00 votes: 2
Solitaire tattoo Card
In this solitaire card game depicts a beautiful tattoo designating each card. You need to collect solitaire, putting one card from the table.
Date added: 05.02.2015
Views: 3127
3.99 votes: 51
Angry Birds Solitaire Card
favorite card game Solitaire is now the heroes of the famous Angry Birds . Rules are the same - completely disassemble all the cards, starting with the smallest, by suit.
Date added: 05.02.2015
Views: 3279
3.00 votes: 4
Collect two Card
Very interesting card game of a series of Solitaire. The essence of the game is this - you need to look for cards in pairs when paired cards are removed down to open new cards. Your task is to open all of them.
Date added: 30.01.2015
Views: 4137
3.33 votes: 3
Solitaire Card
Goal of the game to shift all the cards from the table to the deck. The deck can be built in ascending or descending order. When the moves end-overturns the next card on the table.
Date added: 28.01.2015
Views: 2660
2.00 votes: 1
Solitaire compartment Card
When you go in a train compartment a bit boring. And you can and play solitaire. It is necessary to lay down ascending cards of the same suit, and put them back. We must do it with all the cards.
Date added: 27.01.2015
Views: 3438
2.00 votes: 4
Green Solitaire Card
Here is a new version of the famous game "Solitaire." As before, you have to lay out the cards in order, one after the other. But in this game you need to follow to the suit were the same.
Date added: 27.01.2015
Views: 3859
Tapeworm "Graffiti" Card
This is a very unusual version of the game solitaire that street stylized drawings - graffiti. You have to open all the cards in the top field. Collect the bottom of the stack in order for one higher or lower than than the card, which is at the bottom.
Date added: 26.01.2015
Views: 3723
5.00 votes: 1
tapeworm Desert Card
Another fascinating interpretation of a very famous game. In this tapeworm, as in the other, you are encouraged to reveal all hole cards. Cards transferred from the top to the bottom of a stack of pictures.
Date added: 23.01.2015
Views: 3812
5.00 votes: 4
An unusual solitaire Card
Very unusual solitaire, where you have to do everything in reverse order. In the upper floor lie rows of cards that you need to move all in one deck below. It is allowed to put one card lower or higher than the one that lies at the bottom.
Date added: 19.01.2015
Views: 5176
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