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Super Mario Flash Games

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Here you can find a fun and exciting collection of Mario flash games. Before you start, you might want to learn some interesting facts about this iconic character. Mario games were created by Nintendo company back in the 1970’s. More than 40 years passed since then and the variety of games surged through the roof. Mario is the greatest media franchise in the video game history. The very first games told a story of an Italian plumber. Since then, many other characters were created but the gaming universe stayed the same. Even if you’ve never tried Mario flash games online or on video game consoles, you must have heard about the movies and cartoons. There aren’t many people in the universe who don’t know this fun Italian plumber. Super Mario flash games are becoming more and more popular with times. Here you can find all kinds of Mario games flash. If you are nostalgic, you can test your skills in the very first Mario flash game. If you are looking for something more complicated, go on to test super Mario bros flash game. Lead this little plumber where he hasn’t gone before. Allow him to visit the mushroom kingdom or ride a sleek motorcycle. In this section you can find a super Mario flash games to suit any mood.
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Super Mario Action
The very first version of the game with his brothers Mario. Especially for those who nastolgiruet at this wonderful retro game. It will always be one of the best games of its time.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 17702
3.38 votes: 29
Mario Action
Mario - one of the most iconic video game of all time, was released in 1985, Nindendo. She is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling video game in history (!). Now Mario - widely regarded as one of the most famous fictional characters in the world.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 6048
2.85 votes: 20
Super Mario Brothers 2 Action
game Super Mario Bros.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 4911
2.73 votes: 15
Super Mario Bros Action
classic game Mario known to us since the Dandy. You can play as Mario or Luigi.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 4720
1.50 votes: 2
Super Mario 63 Arcade
new game for a long time favorite with all the hero Mario! Now, in the Mushroom Kingdom has slightly different rules, and Mario himself has changed a lot. Now he could swim underwater, read the inscriptions on the type plate, etc.
Date added: 22.02.2014
Views: 4618
2.64 votes: 14
Super Mario Bros: Star Scramble Arcade
Manage Mario with using the arrow keys and space bar. We need to jump on the pipes and platforms, collect coins and bonuses, but also need to beware of different enemies, otherwise the game will end.
Date added: 07.11.2013
Views: 4612
2.25 votes: 4
Mario ghost house Arcade
Adventure all beloved Mario ghost house . Protagonist waiting quite scary scenery: flying shapeless ghosts, scary, and so bring On the way to the next level do not forget to collect coins.
Date added: 14.10.2013
Views: 4554
Mario World 2 Arcade
next adventure known character named Mario. Gold coins and mushrooms were necessary bonus. In the game, new enemies in the form of huge bees, which can sting hurts.
Date added: 25.02.2014
Views: 4306
5.00 votes: 2
Super Mario: Beat the enemies Arcade
Test your reaction - try to hit a hammer on the pipe emerging from the evil monsters. But be careful - do not get caught by Mario, who will also be there to look out.
Date added: 09.02.2014
Views: 3807
4.08 votes: 64
Super Mario: Underwater Arcade
Brave Super Mario I went under the water with a harpoon to hunt the dangerous fish and sea monsters. Dig tunnels and hooking fish with a space. Press takes a few times to fish snapped.
Date added: 13.11.2013
Views: 3750
1.00 votes: 1
Blast it, Mario! Arcade
game in which Super Mario has to blow up the boxes, moving through a maze of them and leaving a bomb in its path. Not to undermine its own bomb! In this game you can play together.
Date added: 20.02.2014
Views: 3735
2.50 votes: 6
Mario: Blast it 2 Arcade
In this game, you need to move through the maze of boxes and leave the bombs to make yourself the way forward. You can play together, choosing a variety of game modes. Do not undermine your own or someone else in the bomb!
Date added: 09.12.2013
Views: 3714
3.67 votes: 3
Mario cycling Arcade
Marie decided to ride a bike on a difficult track. Manage them by using arrow keys, but be very careful, bike responds to any movement.
Date added: 18.12.2013
Views: 3650
3.67 votes: 3
Mickey Mouse saves Donald Arcade
Duckling Donald fell into the trap of the bandits ! He rushes to the aid of best friend Mickey Mouse! The brave little mouse jumping on platforms in the magical mountains, overcomes obstacles, collect candy and heart.
Date added: 01.10.2013
Views: 3568
1.00 votes: 2
The Adventures of Mario Arcade
Mario adventure continues, and this time he will have to go through a dangerous road, of course also collecting coins along the way and fighting enemies along the way.
Date added: 22.01.2014
Views: 3557
4.50 votes: 2
Mario Loader Logic
Your task - to load the swinging board as many boxes. Try to keep a balance and not allow the board to outweigh any side.
Date added: 11.02.2014
Views: 3540
2.00 votes: 6
Brother Mario Arcade
The New Adventures of brothers Mario Mushroom Kingdom. Surely, he went to the aid of his brother, who was caught in the trap of the villain. You need to collect mushrooms on the way, destroy the evil enemies and do not miss a single coin.
Date added: 27.10.2013
Views: 3539
3.00 votes: 2
3 Way Mario Arcade
New adventures have long been known in the world of Mario. As usual in the way you need to collect the gold coins and mushrooms, which give vitality. To control the mouse and keyboard is needed.
Date added: 21.02.2014
Views: 3479
3.50 votes: 4
Mario vs. Angry Birds Arcade
Very fun game, and it Mario should be kicked their crown eggs, which he throws Luigi. Angry Birds also are on the alert and prevent Mario to fulfill its mission.
Date added: 16.10.2013
Views: 3440
Sonics Arcade
Sonics - analogue of the popular Mario games. Goal of the game: to pass all levels, simultaneously picking up as many points. As always, initially you have only three lives.
Date added: 25.08.2013
Views: 3322
3.00 votes: 5
Super Mario 2 Arcade
In this game after level with a little training you can again Meet with your favorite hero - Super Mario. And, as always, waiting for his great adventure, join us!
Date added: 27.01.2014
Views: 3282
SuperMario hardcore Arcade
a very dynamic game in which you need to manage the good old Mario. Jump on the platforms and collect bonuses along the way destroying enemies.
Date added: 31.10.2013
Views: 3274
3.50 votes: 2
Mario: League motorcycles Race
Super Mario can handle any task . And even beat the fastest riders on the track rather complicated. Collect bonuses along the way and try not to fall off the steep hills.
Date added: 16.02.2014
Views: 3240
Bart and Homer in Mario World Arcade
Choose whom you will manage - Bart or Homer and go into the world of Mario. Here the hero is waiting for an exciting adventure in which you need to collect coins and power-ups and avoid the enemies.
Date added: 21.03.2015
Views: 3202
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