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Puzzle: Gravity Falls Puzzles
Try to collect puzzle with scenes from the animated series Gravity Falls. Fragments are already in place, you just need to turn them to stand in the correct direction to each other.
Date added: 19.12.2013
Views: 12863
1.65 votes: 17
Tetris Puzzle Puzzles
incredible combination of Tetris game and a puzzle. The essence of the game is to put the pieces of Tetris in the selected area. Only at first glance it seems like it's easy. In fact, as early as the 5th level will have to smash his head.
Date added: 07.11.2013
Views: 8203
2.00 votes: 3
Alicia Puzzles
Gather broken into fragments of a portrait of American actress Alicia Silverstone. All parts are mixed. Rearrange the neighboring parts produced by alternately pressing on them left mouse button.
Date added: 26.03.2015
Views: 7171
1.91 votes: 11
Winx: 3D puzzle Puzzles
Collect the puzzle with a picture of your favorite cartoon about fairies from the Winx Club. Pictures in this puzzle are very colorful and realistic. To assemble the image you need to rearrange their components as long as necessary will develop the picture.
Date added: 25.10.2013
Views: 4916
5.00 votes: 1
Lightning McQueen: Puzzle Puzzles
Collect the puzzle with a picture of a popular cartoon Wheelbarrows. Lightning Vrreby and his best friend shake the wheel - that's what moment was captured in this image. The game has several levels of difficulty.
Date added: 11.02.2014
Views: 4233
1.75 votes: 4
Puzzle Cars 2 Puzzles
puzzle with the image of the illustration Cars 2. You can select multiple pazlinok shape options, some very interesting.
Date added: 16.10.2013
Views: 4063
2.00 votes: 19
Simple puzzle with animal Logic
Unpretentious puzzles with pictures of animals. Collect items to restore pictures of cute animals
Date added: 04.10.2013
Views: 3982
2.45 votes: 11
Winx Club: hexagonal puzzle Puzzles
unusual variation of puzzles . Before you almost bleached picture of the life of the Winx Club. You one hexagons are provided, which should be placed on the image. Your task is to find where it is available to each of the pieces and assemble the whole picture.
Date added: 21.12.2013
Views: 3893
1.00 votes: 1
Puzzle nature Puzzles
Collect the puzzle on the nature theme. For you to do several levels of difficulty. The most simple level - this is the picture, divided into 16 parts in all.
Date added: 10.11.2013
Views: 3839
4.19 votes: 59
Pazloistorii: Winter time Puzzles
This is a series of very unusual puzzles, each which it is a piece of audio stories winter. The game differs from the standard puzzles by the fact that the pieces are animated. Be sure to play this exciting game.
Date added: 02.12.2013
Views: 3671
3.00 votes: 3
Lay down appliqué Puzzles
Here you have several applications assembled from pieces of fabric and depicting various pastries. These are broken into fragments. Are given as samples to build. They should remember and begin to understand. There are different levels of complexity. Work with the mouse.
Date added: 31.03.2015
Views: 3452
2.00 votes: 2
The geometric puzzle Puzzles
You must collect puzzle of geometric shapes. In the game you can change the background of the field and to choose their own level of difficulty.
Date added: 29.08.2013
Views: 3451
1.50 votes: 2
Princess Sofia: Puzzle Puzzles
Collect colorful puzzle with a picture of Princess Sophia and her dear friends. Early in the game you will be offered to see the assembled image. Remember it, and then correctly gather.
Date added: 06.02.2014
Views: 3400
3.33 votes: 3
Tahiti: Find pearls Puzzles
And you have not been to Tahiti? An excellent opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay on this beautiful island, and at the same time to train your attentiveness. Exciting puzzles await you on every level!
Date added: 24.02.2014
Views: 3400
2.67 votes: 3
Beasts: puzzle Puzzles
This is an unusual puzzle. You need to collect some of the animals are used on the right and the left contour of the beast. If you correctly podnesёsh puzzle pieces to the circuit - it snaps into place. Do not hurry - think carefully.
Date added: 15.02.2014
Views: 3396
Puzzle Academy monsters Puzzles
Gather a few puzzles with pictures of cartoon "The Academy of monsters." The task is not very difficult, because all the pieces are already in place, just need to rotate them.
Date added: 12.11.2013
Views: 3360
2.00 votes: 3
puzzle: the arrival Barbie Puzzles
Gather challenging puzzle game with your favorite doll Barbie on the picture. Push the start button and begin to pick up the pieces and put in the right places.
Date added: 03.04.2015
Views: 3273
2.33 votes: 6
Puzzle: Angry Birds Puzzles
In this game you can meet again with the famous Wicked bird. Choose the puzzle and the level of complexity, mix fragments and proceed to the assembly.
Date added: 05.02.2014
Views: 3235
1.60 votes: 10
Puzzle Gather Board
Try to collect colorful puzzle with your favorite characters from the cartoon "Pokemon." Hurry! The time to perform this task is limited!
Date added: 04.10.2013
Views: 3230
Epic: Puzzle Puzzles
Interesting puzzle with pictures of cartoon Epic. In this puzzle you have to find the deficient fragments of pictures and put them in the right place, so that the image was intact.
Date added: 17.02.2014
Views: 3222
2.50 votes: 4
Flowers Hello Kitty Puzzles
Fans cute kitty Hello Kitty can gather today a wonderful puzzle about her. In the beginning, there is the option to choose the level at which it is convenient to collect it.
Date added: 25.02.2014
Views: 3217
4.13 votes: 60
puzzle: Flying Puzzles
Very nice puzzle, which Circuits are given one at a time and you need to substitute them in the right place. To facilitate the task is visible at the bottom of the semi-transparent background.
Date added: 25.11.2013
Views: 3196
1.92 votes: 12
Colorful puzzle Puzzles
Colorful puzzle with different levels of complexity. Each time there is a new version of a clique location puzzles.
Date added: 05.09.2013
Views: 3190
1.00 votes: 1
Iron Man 3: puzzles Logic
Try to restore image . To do this, move the puzzle pieces by clicking on it with the mouse to move to a blank space.
Date added: 15.11.2013
Views: 3181
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