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Light massage
Cute little girl is asking for help to smear her back sunscreen. It promises you something to show in return! Try as it should!
Naughty teacher
Students always prefer pranks studies, especially with such a teacher. Peeping in tips and create different situations in the classroom that will distract from all classes.

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Light massage Arcade
Cute little girl is asking for help to smear her back sunscreen. It promises you something to show in return! Try as it should!
Date added: 12.10.2013
Views: 4227984
2.52 votes: 3057
Naughty teacher Other
Students always prefer pranks studies, especially with such a teacher. Peeping in tips and create different situations in the classroom that will distract from all classes.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 172181
2.65 votes: 240
Scandalous Reporter Quests
Stay scandalous newspaper reporter who need hot pictures! - Your task is to catch and shoot the girls naughty situation. Be careful with the usual photos you do not pay.
Date added: 18.02.2014
Views: 19939
3.53 votes: 15
Frost on window Other
Bodi on the window with your finger to see what is hidden behind the frozen glass.
Date added: 28.09.2013
Views: 19170
3.34 votes: 183
Relationship Other
Relationship between men and women - it is an eternal topic for discussion. In this game you can play several humorous, but it is the real subtext scenes.
Date added: 22.02.2014
Views: 17361
2.38 votes: 90
Organ Other
Organ emulates the most pleasant sounds.
Date added: 21.09.2013
Views: 13238
2.42 votes: 59
Cyber-guy Other
Design your ideal man, picking him are part of the body, who is like you. Outside celebrities size biceps - all in your power.
Date added: 27.02.2014
Views: 12763
2.66 votes: 134
Ivory Thomas Other
Cat Thomas had suffered many things from the dog. Check the behavior of the Thomas when the dog plays a trick on him frightening. Push the round icon and wait for the reaction of Thomas. Try clicking on the objects around the cat - suddenly something happens.
Date added: 05.10.2013
Views: 12746
2.52 votes: 21
Hooligan Other
You - nepriyatnenky bully, who rides on the bus and attempts to mock standing next to a woman. As soon as she turned away, she had to give a slap, and make it so that it is in any case did not think you. If you notice it, you lose a life. You have only three lives to complete the level.
Date added: 06.02.2015
Views: 9647
3.03 votes: 135
Windows virus Puzzles
Something is wrong with your computer! Now you need to find the problem and solve it, otherwise further operation will be impossible. Look on the desktop clue.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 8813
3.14 votes: 50
place after Relations Other
your relationship came to an end, but you feel that not yet said its last word? Select any version of revenge after a relationship and see how the action develops.
Date added: 01.12.2013
Views: 8519
2.48 votes: 33
Autopsy Amy Simulation
Just two famous characters involved in the game-parody - Dr. House reveals a corpse Amy Winehouse. Follow the prompts on the screen and try to do everything as gently as possible.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 8057
2.54 votes: 24
Armwrestling Sport
Can you resist a lean old man in arm wrestling? Try your hand. It is necessary to click on the arrow at the bottom right to beat him.
Date added: 26.10.2013
Views: 7754
2.69 votes: 29
Dancing man Other
If you are tired after a hard day, you go in this game! Here you can relax and have fun looking at the funny man dancing. Manage his movements with the help of the menu.
Date added: 26.02.2014
Views: 7120
1.94 votes: 32
Private Dance Other
Enjoy a private dance this beauty. Be ready for a surprise!
Date added: 21.09.2013
Views: 7093
3.18 votes: 33
stikmen with a friend in the office Other
stikmen with his girlfriend find out the relationship on the job. Try them all revenge on both sides and see what happens.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6459
3.00 votes: 7
Singing Men Other
All creatures on the screen can sing or play a musical instrument. To find out what can each of them, you need to click on it with the mouse cursor. Turn on the tape recorder and create your song!
Date added: 05.10.2013
Views: 5831
3.63 votes: 38
The massacre in the chamber 2 Other
brutal toy with men-sticks. One of them sitting in the chamber, and the second applies to it various kinds of torture. So, there is a choice, as a man would be killed.
Date added: 24.02.2015
Views: 5814
2.90 votes: 51
Ignite petard Other
Who among us does not like explosions and fireworks during the New Year holidays? But the holidays have come to an end, and the fireworks can be, and remain. What to do with them? Of course, you need to scare the casual passer-by!
Date added: 22.01.2015
Views: 5703
2.69 votes: 16
Impress Quests
How to impress a girl? There are many options. In this game, you will offer seven ways this can be done from the comfort of your own office. Learn!
Date added: 07.10.2013
Views: 5592
3.58 votes: 12
Payday Other
You do not like bosses? He took the mess at work? Do not pay on time wages? If at least one of the questions you answer yes, then you should start playing this game-revenge. Enter your details in the beginning of the game and enjoy the process.
Date added: 19.10.2013
Views: 5449
2.80 votes: 15
pyrotechnics Other
How can you frighten a man? That's right, he set fire to around a firecracker or something for the better. In this game you have plenty of fusing all kinds of fireworks. You can try all.
Date added: 15.02.2014
Views: 5279
3.27 votes: 15
Stress Aquarium 6 Other
This fish skeletons already had suffered in his life, and now you can add him to the test, coming up with ways that you can torture him.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 5106
3.27 votes: 15
Stress Aquarium Other
Little Fish was not lucky with the hosts, and they put it the aquarium with buttons, clicking on that, you cause her stress. But the fish will survive any test, returned to the aquarium alive and unharmed.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 5099
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