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Modern 3D flash games allow the player to plunge into the virtual world and feel its integral part. Thanks to the three-dimensional graphics all objects and characters in the game seem more realistic. Produced in 3D action games, sports games, shooting games, simulators, racing and even board games. 3D flash games are relatively new, but has gained a lot of fans. Today the games in 3D are perhaps the most dynamically developing. 3D flash games are easy management and good graphics, with a detailed drawing of objects. The site FXGames.Org You can play 3D flash games for free and without registration.
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Quake 1 Action
This classic 3D shooter game was initially released in 1996. It kept gaining popularity over the years with new versions hitting the computer screens. Here you can enjoy the flash version of the game that won’t have you downloading any software. The controls are simplified while the playing experience stays at the same level. Initially Quake was designed to be a multi-shooter game but here yo...
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 22196
3.90 votes: 136
Quake Ressurection Action
Continuation of the first Quake.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 14151
2.67 votes: 48
Behind the wheel Race
Race at super cars where you are driving. First person gives the race a special passion and drive. The game has more acceleration and other tweaks. Before the game, remember the basic controls.
Date added: 06.02.2014
Views: 11772
3.88 votes: 110
tricks Thieves Quests
you as a novice thief, need to learn all the secrets of the profession. Pick up items that will be able to use their brains to get around obstacles and carefully look around!
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 10184
3.85 votes: 110
Hot race in the United States Race
In the US, excellent roads, they are if designed to drive on them with tremendous speed. Steer your car and try to pass a line in the shortest possible time.
Date added: 20.11.2013
Views: 10097
2.92 votes: 12
Defend your base from aliens Action
Protect your military base from the invasion of space alien spacecraft. Watch out for terrain and shoot at enemy starships, but did not disturb his.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 8872
2.96 votes: 25
Battleship 3D Intelligent
Beautiful version of the game Battleship. In the beginning you need as usual to put their vehicles on the playing field, then select the cell you want to hit and click "Fire!". Your ships will make yourself a shot.
Date added: 14.10.2013
Views: 8300
4.20 votes: 81
Desert Moon Strategy
landed on the moon, you are met with hordes of enemies, and now you need to protect its people and the ship from enemy attack. Set your soldiers in strategic locations and shoot at the enemy.
Date added: 13.11.2013
Views: 8159
2.95 votes: 22
High-speed 3D racing Race
game with excellent graphics and control. In the beginning, you can pump your car a little, and later, with the money, buy even more steep improvement.
Date added: 12.02.2014
Views: 8150
3.67 votes: 12
Zombie home Action
Your purpose - to kill all the zombies attacking your house. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, R to reload, space - to select weapons. Hold out until the arrival of reinforcements!
Date added: 25.02.2014
Views: 8103
3.64 votes: 105
Alias Runner 2 Apocalypse Race
Magnificent race mysterious gloomy world. Beware of car rivals!
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 7838
2.70 votes: 60
Special operation Action
You're going to perform a dangerous mission. Carefully moving through the corridors, you have to shoot from the enemies and do not fall under their bullets. Be careful, they often appear in front of you.
Date added: 26.11.2013
Views: 7657
4.27 votes: 60
Beat St. Milligan Sport
Very nice golf simulator, where you can not just choose a character for whom to play, and compete in skill with his friend.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6653
2.79 votes: 28
Time of Fire Action
Can you stand alone against the whole crowd armed enemies? They pop up from ambush with one purpose - to kill you. You need to be a first, otherwise the game is over for you is very sad.
Date added: 25.02.2014
Views: 6416
3.86 votes: 14
Operation Tiger Action
Tiger Top secret operation. At the beginning of the game you get a certain job, you want to perform accurate and fast. It is best to choose a strategy to save ammo, since the charge is not infinite weapons.
Date added: 08.02.2014
Views: 6069
4.10 votes: 68
Closed Mainland Strategy
Are you waiting for an epic battle against hordes of enemies your army! Manage rows of their troops, send them to attack, defend, restore health, and everything in order to protect the mainland from the enemy closed.
Date added: 12.11.2013
Views: 5860
2.39 votes: 18
Hockey Sport
Try your hand as a player in field hockey. The rules are simple - you need to score the ball in. Move your player with the mouse, and at the right moment, press the left button.
Date added: 08.10.2013
Views: 5811
3.16 votes: 19
South Africa 2010 Sport
After a busy soccer game the referee awarded a series of penalties. And you have to save the honor of his team by scoring more goals. The country for which you play, you can choose at the beginning.
Date added: 22.02.2014
Views: 5392
2.89 votes: 9
Counter Strike Action
Online version of the famous game Counter Strike! You should normally lead your team to victory. Aim, shoot, and do not forget about the weapon - it always is not enough.
Date added: 09.11.2013
Views: 5310
2.78 votes: 36
Rally Canyon Race
Test your driving skills on the sand! It is actually quite difficult, especially if you participate in this racing. Try as fast as possible to come to the finish line.
Date added: 04.12.2013
Views: 5085
2.83 votes: 6
Lego Police Action
Ride on a police car and catch the intruder - who does not dream on this adventure? In the new game "Lego policeman" you will take on the duties of a police officer and to restore order in the streets. To stop the criminal - it is not enough just to catch up. It is necessary to break up his car on his own.
Date added: 04.10.2013
Views: 5080
3.17 votes: 6
Racing 3D Race
Fierce Motorcycle Racing waiting for you in this game! Wait for the start and manage your iron horse the most confident, because it affects your victory!
Date added: 09.02.2014
Views: 4608
2.94 votes: 18
Racing track Race
Choose a racing car and raced around the track! By the way, at the beginning of the game you can choose not only the car, but also the map. We recommend that you go through all the tracks and ride on each machine.
Date added: 07.10.2013
Views: 4481
2.63 votes: 19
crossfire Action
New shooter with unlimited ammunition and very nimble rivals. Every now and then someone trying to kill you, appears from behind a pillar or a building. Be on the alert: they fell all - friends then you do not.
Date added: 20.02.2014
Views: 4411
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