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4.38 votes: 47
Spot the Difference: Winter Puzzles
Winter - the perfect time for to admire the beauty of the landscapes. And in this game you need to find five differences in the pictures of winter. You can use the tips.
Date added: 22.12.2013
Views: 10965
4.28 votes: 129
Totem Destroyer 2 Logic
The meaning of the game at the same time very simple and very complex. It is necessary to destroy the green and wooden blocks so that would-gold idol hit the black block, but in any case did not fall to the ground! The game requires good dexterity and perseverance.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 14331
4.27 votes: 60
Beat St. Milligan Sport
Very nice golf simulator, where you can not just choose a character for whom to play, and compete in skill with his friend.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6813
4.27 votes: 130
Cowboy Poker 2 Card
Cowboys like to play poker and this game - proof . It is noteworthy that there are several players can manage and monitor the progress of the game once all gamblers. If you do not know the rules - read the instructions.
Date added: 26.02.2014
Views: 20155
4.25 votes: 59
beings Capture Arcade
Use the camera to take pictures of monsters. Catch the lens of all creatures to win this game. But if the picture is blurred or not in the center, you'll lose points!
Date added: 30.01.2014
Views: 6819
4.25 votes: 59
Polar slide Logic
aliens landed on Earth from another planet, and put it on a pole. Brave penguin can fight them, slipping on ice platforms.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6061
4.25 votes: 59
Sticky Monsters Logic
These brave monsters always work in pairs to get lost a very important page of the book . Help them to move through the city streets to reach the goal.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6044
4.24 votes: 63
Revenge of the Stickmen Strategy
cane little men are tired of the game, in which they are forced to fight and die. And these guys decided to take the real world. But you can prevent this with the help of your stationery!
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 7042
4.23 votes: 61
A lot of doors Puzzles
At each level, you are waiting for the door to open. Keys to him hidden in different places, and you need to figure out how to get them, or solve the puzzle, and then the door will open.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 6454
4.21 votes: 66
Empire Arkay Strategy
Protect your territory from enemy attack. Keep in mind that your troops are not infinite, so you should properly distribute the combat units. Choose arm and release the fighters on the green lines.
Date added: 12.12.2013
Views: 7982
4.20 votes: 81
Desert Moon Strategy
landed on the moon, you are met with hordes of enemies, and now you need to protect its people and the ship from enemy attack. Set your soldiers in strategic locations and shoot at the enemy.
Date added: 13.11.2013
Views: 8313
4.20 votes: 59
way out Logic
You come to the streets to help. Enter the path to the door crying children to pass the level. To do this, you need to decide how best to do it.
Date added: 30.01.2014
Views: 3536
4.20 votes: 64
2112 Cooperation, Part 2 Action
Very dynamic game with interesting graphics, in which you need to shoot at armed men, and move forward on the premises. Consider the time to recharge and collect the kit.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 3618
4.20 votes: 60
Aliens in the garden Strategy
Little aliens from another planet landed in the garden. The first person they met, appeared ladybugs, aliens, and want to protect them from your spaceship. Shoot them and collect bonuses.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 3709
4.20 votes: 60
TENS 2 Action
Great game, in which your character, knight TENS, you need to get through the dungeon the castle and return stolen. On the way he will meet various monsters who must be destroyed.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 3416
4.19 votes: 59
Pazloistorii: Winter time Puzzles
This is a series of very unusual puzzles, each which it is a piece of audio stories winter. The game differs from the standard puzzles by the fact that the pieces are animated. Be sure to play this exciting game.
Date added: 02.12.2013
Views: 3727
4.19 votes: 59
Killer monsters Action
Spirit of the murdered king rose up to avenge his death, and gathered a detachment of the best warriors of the kingdom. Now you headed king ghost, fighting monsters using the commands from the menu at the bottom.
Date added: 19.12.2013
Views: 3447
4.19 votes: 64
Dragon Peninsula Quests
game with excellent graphics and plenty of puzzles will not leave anyone indifferent. Help the main character Nick find his beloved, solving complex and interesting puzzles.
Date added: 26.01.2014
Views: 5240
4.19 votes: 59
Buzz backyard Strategy
Join the fierce war between insects! You can build defenses, train their own army, to improve them and defend their rights to the territory. Aim at the enemy soldiers and buildings.
Date added: 27.01.2014
Views: 2909
4.19 votes: 59
bursting balloon Logic
Very interesting game, which purpose - to burst all the balloons on the level. Tasks gradually become more complex and changing, so here you can great to train your logical thinking.
Date added: 28.01.2014
Views: 2868
4.19 votes: 59
Big Dino Other
diligent archaeologists are willing to dig a huge territory to look for dinosaur bones. You can help them, pointing to the places in which may lie the bones. Choose on the grid coordinates and sends back an archaeologist with a shovel.
Date added: 28.01.2014
Views: 2976
4.19 votes: 59
Throw monsters Logic
you need to position the charges and bombs so that exploded, they planted platforms with monsters. You have a limited number of charges.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 2679
4.18 votes: 60
monkeys Feed Logic
Hungry monkey must find and purify yourself bananas. To do this, they need to stand up so that the line connecting them, crossed all the bananas. With each level the problem is complicated.
Date added: 27.01.2014
Views: 3266
4.18 votes: 66
Super robokonstruktsiya Arcade
Collect as many robots of the details driving past you on a conveyor belt. You can slow down or make it move faster. Once the robot is ready, twist the lever.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 5117
4.16 votes: 69
Steppenwolf 17 Quests
Chupacabra - a monster that really exists and it threatens the main characters of the game. We must deal with this.
Date added: 28.08.2013
Views: 3349
4.16 votes: 63
Monster Must Die Logic
Collision big monster with a platform on which it sits. To do this, click the mouse on the little monsters, moreover, it is desirable to collect the berries along the way.
Date added: 26.12.2013
Views: 2972
4.16 votes: 62
Privacy charms Other
A fun game in which you play as a witch apprentice. While an experienced witch dealing with a drug prescription, you have to pour your ingredients into the pot and conjure something very funny. Make sure that the old witch did not catch you for this!
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 2820
4.16 votes: 85
Vector Strategy
Excellent game in which you need to build defensive towers, and not to let the enemies coming down the road. A clear and simple graphics, fun gameplay, a variety of maps.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 5043
4.15 votes: 62
Lottery ticket Puzzles
One man who lives with his dachshund, was lucky enough to win the lottery. Now they need as soon as possible to get to the airport and fly to the desired city. Change the character buttons 1 and 2, solve puzzles and collect your winnings!
Date added: 22.11.2013
Views: 2784
4.15 votes: 60
Forward Sport
The guys in the yard made a baseball game. Select the name and the color of their team and go to them. Returns the ball so that it can be caught. Do not miss, and you!
Date added: 22.11.2013
Views: 3337
4.15 votes: 65
Red Balloon 4 Arcade
In a peaceful country, inhabited by red balls appeared evil squares. They want to change the world for themselves and make the balls square. Help balls to confront the invaders!
Date added: 24.11.2013
Views: 3652
4.15 votes: 60
Galactic neighborhood Action
on an unknown planet you have to meet with the enemy that will attack you from various types of flying saucers. Collect weapons and ammunition and shoot the plates when their defense is weakened.
Date added: 03.12.2013
Views: 3210
4.15 votes: 61
Ivory 2: Around Europe Logic
This glorious red Cat going on a tour of Europe to taste the local food. Solving logic puzzles, feed the cat. At the beginning of the game will prompt you which objects can be removed in order to achieve their goal.
Date added: 07.12.2013
Views: 3098
4.15 votes: 61
Batman and Joker Puzzles
The endless fight between the Joker and Batman was time short respite . And then you can start the game by solving several puzzles. Find the hidden objects and solve puzzles.
Date added: 11.12.2013
Views: 3908
4.14 votes: 69
Liquid Logic
Excellent physical game in which you need to hold the liquid through a maze to the finish capacity. Rotate the screen using the arrow keys, so that the liquid poured on your chosen path.
Date added: 11.01.2014
Views: 3830
4.14 votes: 63
Crazy Escape Action
game with excellent graphics, in which the robot with a disability have to get fuel for their rocket on an alien planet. At the same time he will have to fend off alien mechanisms.
Date added: 31.01.2014
Views: 3023
4.13 votes: 63
Turn wheels Puzzles
Very beautiful game in which you need to put the gear in such a way that they are connected and earned. They can be put only on special screws, choose the right size and substitute for each other.
Date added: 21.11.2013
Views: 3082
4.13 votes: 61
Save the snails Puzzles
You have available a few logs and a few snails. Throw the logs into the water so that it was possible to put the snails on them, and they drowned. The main task - to keep the balance.
Date added: 24.11.2013
Views: 3399
4.13 votes: 60
puzzle: Flying Puzzles
Very nice puzzle, which Circuits are given one at a time and you need to substitute them in the right place. To facilitate the task is visible at the bottom of the semi-transparent background.
Date added: 25.11.2013
Views: 3251
4.13 votes: 63
Problems Tammy Action
Tammy - man who wanders the room full of vegetables monsters. They all want to attack him, so Tammy have to shoot, and sometimes destroy the machines that produce enemies.
Date added: 27.11.2013
Views: 3308
4.13 votes: 60
A man with an umbrella Arcade
One man dreamed that he was traveling on a sunbeam, I caught him an umbrella. Help him to extend the journey as long as possible, drawing a line in front of him. You will need to hold it through the donuts and apples that did not end the energy.
Date added: 30.11.2013
Views: 1910
4.13 votes: 60
The great robbery Arcade
your character decided to rob a museum - to steal some diamonds. He needs to be very careful way along the protected premises and in any case does not fall under the scope or the protection of the camera.
Date added: 07.12.2013
Views: 2687
4.13 votes: 76
menacing tanks Action
This exciting game in tanchiki entice you from the first seconds. Break the blocks and boxes, pick up bonuses, and always be ready to attack the enemy.
Date added: 09.12.2013
Views: 8519
4.12 votes: 68
Growth Strategy
In this game, your opponent appears demons that must be confronted. Depending on how you build up the planet, you can succeed or not to fight with the creatures, which produces a demon.
Date added: 07.12.2013
Views: 4558
4.11 votes: 56
The Jungle Book 2 Arcade
It is necessary to save the ball. On the way many dangers lurking, such as the Tiger, Edit, and others. Jumps on the ropes from platform to platform, and made his way to his goal. Along the way, collect bananas, it will earn points. The game runs at a time.
Date added: 26.07.2013
Views: 3857
4.11 votes: 82
Battle Tank Strategy
You have to participate in this tank battle. Defend your area and use the correct cover.
Date added: 29.08.2013
Views: 8048
4.11 votes: 61
Miblingi Puzzles
Miblingi - This oval creatures with eyes, and to go to the next level, you need to send them to the exit. And how to do it - you come up with.
Date added: 15.11.2013
Views: 2590
4.11 votes: 62
Silly blocks Logic
These cheerful blocks happy to sit on the colored platforms. But you need to drop all of them by removing the colored elements. Think how to do it and go to the next level.
Date added: 24.11.2013
Views: 2817
4.11 votes: 84
Attack Penguins Strategy
Continuous series of armed penguins come to you. Protected by towers with different properties. Subsequently, you can improve them and buy new ones. Do not let penguin reach the end of the road.
Date added: 18.12.2013
Views: 7667
4.11 votes: 61
Toast of War Action
In this game you play as a toast, which have to fight with the huge and rather militant pieces of butter. Initially have to cope on their own, but then along the way you can get a weapon.
Date added: 19.12.2013
Views: 2806
4.11 votes: 61
Racing next Race
These realistic racing in the future will not leave anyone indifferent. Pleasant control with keyboard arrows, futuristic landscapes - all will bring you a real pleasure.
Date added: 22.12.2013
Views: 3422